Victoreen GV3B-550 Tube

A boxed, NOS Victoreen GV3B-550 Corotron tube. SOLD OUT.
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The GV3B-550 is a Hi voltage regulating diode, with a nominal voltage of 550 volts.  Please see the other notes below regarding suffixes and other designations.


Some general information regarding Victoreen High Voltage Regulators:

These tubes have what may be a 4 digit date code printed on the side of the tube, but at this time we have no information regarding the nature of those numbers or any date codes used by Victoreen.

Tube nomenclature is intended to be descriptive of the tube. "GV" stands for glass voltage regulator, while "M" refers to a metal regulator. The next number, such as 3, 5, etc. indicate the diameter of the Victoreen HV Regulator and is taken from the T nomenclature, commonly used in glass manufacturing and vacuum tube nomenclature. The T number stands for the number of 1/8" in diameter. Thus a T3 tube has a diameter of 3/8".  The following number is the nominal operating voltage.

The suffix "H" following the voltage designation in the tube type number identifies it as a tube designed for operation up to 150°C.

The suffix "S" following "GVx" identifies it as a ruggedized tube designed to withstand shocks as high as 2000G for 0.4 milliseconds followed by a drag phase of 750 G for 15 milliseconds and vibration of 10-2000 cycles at 10 G.

Radiation Damage: Unlike solid state devices, the Victoreen HV Regulator is not damaged by alpha, beta, gamma or neutron radiation. They have been tested influx values as high as 7 x 1014 neutrons per square centimeter per second with no permanent damage.

Low operating current
Regulation of the order of 10 volts per 100 micro-amps
Designed to regulate high voltage power supplies for portable radiation detection instruments and photo-multiplier tubes, as
D.C. coupling elements and for other high voltage-low current applications
Shock: 100g- 11 ms per Mil. Std. 202C method 2028
Vibration: 10-55 cps-10g

HI-Voltage Regulating Diode

These Victoreen HV Regulators are available in any desired nominal voltage ± 2.5% from 400 volts to 2500 volts at the customary test point of 50ua.  All characteristics such as maximum and minimum currents, regulation, etc., may be interpolated from the table below.