Crestron CNRFGWA RF receiver, less power supply.

RF receiver that allows Crestron 433MHz 1-way wireless touch panels and handheld remotes to communicate with a control system.
Fabrikant: Crestron
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 Please note, there are no power supplies included with these units.  They are untested by bts and were working when removed.

  RF Receiver 433.92 (433) MHz 1-way RF, crystal locked
  Device Compatibility Supports up to 256 WPR-48 or CNRFHT remotes, or up to 16 ST-1550C or ST-1700C touch panels
  Range Up to 300 feet typical, subject to site-specific conditions and individual device capabilities[1]
  Minimum distance allowed between gateways is 50 feet
  NET (1) 4-pin 5mm detachable terminal block, Cresnet slave port;
Connects to Cresnet control network
  ANTENNA (1) BNC female, connection for supplied antenna or optional high-performance antenna (CNANT sold separately);
Impedance: 50 Ohms
Controls & Indicators
  ID CODE (2) Rotary DIP switches, for setting the Cresnet ID
  SIGNAL (1) Red LED, indicates reception of a valid RF signal
  I.D. SELECT (1) Red LED, indicates communication established with control system
  NET PWR (1) Green LED, indicates DC power supplied from Cresnet network
Power Requirements
  Cresnet Power Usage 3 Watts (0.125 Amps @ 24 Volts DC)
  Temperature 41° to 113°F (5° to 45°C)
  Humidity 10% to 90% RH (non-condensing)
  Black metal, freestanding[1]
  Height 7.28 in (185 mm);
15.20 in (387 mm) with antenna[1]
  Width 3.25 in (83 mm)
  Depth 1.35 in (35 mm)