Crestron ST-VC Remote Level & EQ

Crestron ST-VC is a digitally controlled 3-channel audio attenuator. Balanced I/Os, ±12db @ 100HZ and 10KHZ.
Fabrikant: Crestron
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Please note, one unit is missing a power supply.  These accept a +12V DC supply with a 5mm barrel connector, center pin positive.

ST-VC is a digitally controlled 3-channel audio attenuator. Each channel has independent settings for volume, treble, bass and mute. ST-VC is ideally suited to provide full audio control for systems without an IR-controlled integrated receiver. Choose your mixer, preamp and amplifier, then add an ST-VC module to complete the system. In some applications ST-VC's separate control of treble and bass may even eliminate the need for a graphic equalizer.


Communications Ports
  NET (2) 6-wire RJ-type connectors for connection to the SmarTouch STS system or the Cresnet control system
  Channels A-C Balanced/unbalanced IN ports connect to any device needing volume/tone control; balanced/unbalanced OUT ports connect to amplifier
LED Indicators
  PWR Indicates 12 or 24VDC power supplied to unit
  NET Indicates command activity between unit and SmarTouch STS system or between unit and Cresnet control system
  V and T Indicates Volume (V) or Tone (T) activity on any channel (A, B, C)
  Requirements 12 or 24VDC
  Options External 12VDC regulated 500mA AC adapter; not included or 24VDC network power
  Cresnet Power Factor 6.0W
Volume (per channel)
  Input Impedance 10K (or 600 ohms using internal load resister)
  Output Impedance 10 ohms
  Input Balanced or unbalanced
  Output Balanced or unbalanced
  Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) -85dB
  Hum and Noise (ref. 0Dbv) -85dB
  Max. Input Level (Flat mode) 4V rms
  Channel Separation -90dB
  Attenuation Range (excluding Mute) 0 to -76dB (max.)
  Mute -104dB
  Frequency Response 8Hz to 60KHz (-3dB minimum)
Tone (per channel)
  Flatness (8 to 60KHz flat mode) +/- 0.2dB
  Bass Gain Range (100Hz) +/- 12dB
  Bass Step Size (100Hz) 2dB
  Treble Gain Range (10KHz) +/- 12dB
  Treble Step Size (10KHz) 2dB
  Black metal; stackable
Rack Mountable
  With ST-RMK rack mount kit; not included
  1.70" / 4.32cm (H) x
7.07" / 17.95cm (W) x
6.32" / 16.06cm (D)
  2.2lbs (1.0Kg)