Sony LVR3000N

Sony Laser disk recorder, VVG condition with original packing, operating manual included.
Fabrikant: Sony
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The Sony LVR 3000N Laser Videodisc recorder, a single piece version of the LVR 5000.  These recorders used RGB/Component signals for recording to 12" Write Once Laser discs.  This unit was seldom used to create CVR discs for the few (corporate) folks who had mistakenly bought into this format.  It's hard to think of another format that was less successful...maybe Akai's 1/4" reel to reel video recorders.  

Probably of more interest to the collector.  

The unit accepts RGB, Y,R-y,B-y, SVideo and Composite video signals with looping inputs on all.  It has unbalanced stereo audio connections, Ref Sync, 9 pin remote connections.  The hours meter does not work.