ADC R6VX WECO HD Video Patch Cords

These are 6' ADC Video Patch cables. WECO Standard size.
Fabrikant: ADC
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ADC's VX standard, midsize and MUSA standard video patch cords feature a unique plug design that optimizes impedance performance during the patched state. The unique plug design is optimized for HD video applications for WECO midsize and MUSA formats. For WECO standard size HD patching, the ST series is recommended. Both designs reduce or eliminate attenuation and bit errors in serial digital and high-definition video signals, especially in the uncompressed mode.

ADC offers high-quality video patch cords capable of handling uncompressed high-definition digital video, serial digital video, and analog as well as AES audio. ADC patch cords feature a patented True 75 Ohm design made of the highest quality materials that virtually eliminates bit errors, and provides excellent mechanical durability.