AJA Model C10PS SMPTE 259M Parallel~ Serial Transcoder

AJA C10PS Parallel to Serial Transcoder. Parallel SMPTE 259M Input to Serial Outputs. With Power supply. Free Shipping to Lower 48!
Fabrikant: Aja
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Aja boxes are great solutions in a variety of environments, perfect for a field kit or in a Post Production Rack. 

The C10PS has a Parallel Digital Input on a 25 Pin D connector, Dual SDI BNC Outputs, and the original Aja Locking power supply.

The CS10PS is designed to provide conversion of a Parallel Digital format to Serial Digital Signals output, the reverse of the Model C10SP. 

All of the Aja converters listed by bibbteck include the power supplies.

Here are the specs from Aja:

The AJA C10PS is a signal conversion device; it converts Parallel 8 and 10 bit video signals to Serial (SDI).  It features multi-standard and multi-format capabilities.

Multi-Standard: This unit supports PAL and NTSC signals featuring 525 and 625 line signals.

Dither Mode Assures that proper 10 bit to 8 Bit conversion takes place.

Ancillary Data Filter This filter blocks audio and unwanted data from passing.

Jitter Filter A Crystal PLL filter is available for stable conversion


Input Parallel Interface, SMPTE 125M, 4fsc NTSC, 4fsc PAL, EBU 3246/3276, on a 25 pin D connector

Outputs  (2)SDI Digital Video, SMPTE 259M-A, B, C, on 75 ohm BNC connectors.

Conversion Parallel Digital Video to SDI Digital Video.

Control None

Power Source 5 VDC from an AC Power Adapter

Dimensions (WxDxH) 4 x 2.25 x .65" 10.2 x 5.7 x 1.65cm Power: +5V DC regulated power, 2 Watts


Features (General)

The C-Series converter products are designed to efficiently adapt 8-bit or 10-bit parallel digital video equipment to serial digital interfaces. The C-Series converters attach directly to the "D" connectors of parallel equipment - eliminating the need for expensive and unreliable parallel cables. At only .65 inches (16.5mm) wide, the C10 Converters can fit on even the highest density parallel equipment. A wide range of C-Series products are available for any budget, from single-format only to multi-format with auto-configuration and crystal PLL jitter filter. Requires power supply (C10WP or C10WP-U).

Parallel to Serial, Serial to Parallel Video Conversion
Multi-Format, Multi-Standard
Auto Configuration to Component/Composite, 525 or 526-line
Dither Mode For Proper 10-bit to 8-bit Conversion
Ancillary Data Filter Blocks Audio/Unwanted Data
Crystal PLL Jitter Filter Available
Wide range of Models Available


SDI Interface: SMPTE 259M-A,B,C
Parallel Interface: SMPTE 125M (4:2:2), SMPTE 244(4fsc NTSC), EBU Tech 3246/3276 (4:2:2), OEC 60B 170/6 (4fsc PAL)
Return Loss: >15dB, 5-270Mhz
Cable EQ: 0-300 Meters, Belden 8281 Typical
Power: +5VDC Regulated, 3 Watts
Size: 4" x 2.25" x .65" (102mm x 57mm x 16.5mm)