AMX Axcess System AXF-BP (AXC-232, AXC-INP8)

2RU Frame, 16 slots, Axcess control system, AXC-232 and AXC-INP8 Switch/Opto Voltage cards
Fabrikant: AMX
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 This unit consists of the following items:

  • 2RU Frame w 16 slots
  • Axcess control system,
  • (11) AXC-232 RS232/422 Interface cards
  • (1) AXC-INP8 Switch/Opto Voltage cards

The AXC-232 RS-232/422/485 Interface Card can generate a virtually unlimited number of product/function commands as they are programmed into the Master Card. As needs and technology changes, existing cards can be reprogrammed or new cards added, one for each device.

  • Two status LED indicators for transmit and receive
  • One setup switch for baud rate, parity, stop bits, and data bits
  • One micro-jumper for 100 ohm RS-422 termination
  • One micro-jumper for RS-422 or RS-485 operation

The AXC-INP8 Switch Optio Voltage Input Card provides eight inputs that can respond to switch closures or voltage level (high/low) changes. Input signals may originate from tape transports, limit switches, foot mats or the AMX PCS Power Current Sensor. Each input may be set for either switch closure (SW) or voltage operation (VO), allowing a combination of either application on the same AXC-INP8 card. Inputs set to the switch mode share the same Axcess system ground. When an input is set to voltage mode, it is opto-isolated from the system and can accept AC or either polarity DC signals.

  • (11) AXC-232
  • (1)AXC-INP8

Some AMX cards may be available separately if desired.   Please call or email for more information.