AMX Axcess System AXF-BP (AXC-EM, AXC-s, AXC-IR/S IRRs, AXC-232)

2RU Frame, 16 slots, Axcess control system with AXC-EM Enhanced System Master card, AXC-s server card, AXC-IR/S IRRs serial card, AXC-232
Fabrikant: AMX
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The AXC-EM manages system operation and executes control system programs. This Enhanced Master Card can coordinate the activities of up to 255 different pieces of equipment, such as other control cards, bus controllers and various input devices. These include AMX Tiltscreens, touch panels, softwire panels, wireless receivers and custom panel interfaces.

The AXC-IR/S Infrared Serial Card generates programmed commands specifi to each device by manufacturer, model number and function. Up to 128 functions can be programmed into each card. As needs and technology change, existing cards can be reprogrammed and new cards can be added to the system. One Infrared/Serial Card is required for each device.

  • (1) AXC-EM Enhanced master
  • (1) AXC-s server
  • (14) AXC-IR/S IRRs
  • (2) AXC-232

 PROCESSOR: Motorola 16-bit M68340

MEMORY: Standard - 64KB; Optional - 256KB


  • One status LED for power and AxLink operation
  • Master Program Port, male DB-9 connector
  • Setup switch for Master Port baud rate, parity, stop bits, and data bits

Some AMX cards may be available separately if desired.   Please call or email for more information.