Anton Bauer ADM Discharger

This is a battery discharger and adaptor with a standard AB quick release. It is designed to properly discharge 12, 13 and 14 Volt batteries. Reduced!
Fabrikant: AntonBauer
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Please note this unit was working when acquired and has not been tested in our shop.  

This from Anton Bauer:


  • Load circuit and built-in automatic cut-off safely exercise batteries through a full-discharge cycle
  • Coupled with the DataTap, the ADM becomes a calibration and diagnostic instrument
  • LCD DataTap will display battery capacity while a DC output to a DVM/chart recorder can provide other diagnostic information
  • Automatically fully discharges all Snap-On type 13-14V batteries and Pro Pac 90 (BP-90 type) VTR batteries
  • All other 12-14V batteries, including Power Strap can also be accommodated by using optional CA-30 cable


The discharger has an Anton Bauer quick release mount and will discharge 12v, 13v and 14v batteries including Sony and Anton Bauer BP90 batteries. Typically these dischargers are used for NiCad batteries to preserve capacity.  

It also has dual binding posts that allow you to connect a device such as a camera or field monitor to the ADM and power that device through the ADM by connecting your battery to the ADM using the Quick release or the barrel plug.