Anton Bauer Lifesaver 8 Hour Quad Battery Charger (Gold Terminals)

Anton Bauer 8 Hour Quad Battery Charging brick that allows you to efficiently charge up to four batteries simultaneously. Gold terminals VVG condition.
Fabrikant: AntonBauer
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For exceptional performance and overall battery safety, Anton/Bauer employs a three stage routine to charge batteries in a timely fashion without subjecting them to undue wear and tear.

Stage One: Delivers a high rate charge matched to the capabilities of the battery. During this stage, seven seperate cut-off methods ensure the fastest, safest charge for a particular battery.

Stage Two: This "balancing" mode calculates each battery pack typo to offset cell imbalance caused by unequal self-discharge or improperly matched cell capacity. It also compensates for any excess heat generated during the primary charge.

Stage Three: In the final charging stage, Anton/Bauer's patented Lifesaver® mode provides a pulse routine to keep batteries fully charged and free form self-discharge indefinately. The exclusive Lifesaver mode also prevents heat damage.