Audio Accessories 96 point Bantam patch panels

Single RU, Balanced, TT (Bantam) panels with Tip/Ring Normal contacts. Good condition overall, with 1 Panel missing one jack (see Photos) Price is for the Pair. SOLD OUT.
Manufacturer: Audio Accessories

These are early model Audio Accessories 1 RU, 96 point TT panels, that were removed from a small private New England studio.   These panels have the signature "Audio Line" logo stamped on the Chromed Jack frames, and use a single 'dog' type latch for mounting, in place of a rack screw.  

The jack field is split for easier use, and both panels have hard plastic covers for designation strips. 

These panels use solder terminations, and can be wired with Full, Half or Mult applications, using the Tip and Ring Normal connections.  Please Note:  One of the panels has a single Jack Missing (see the last Photo).

Price is for both panels.