Bogen CT-100 powered mixer

Bogen Acousta-Master CT-100 powered mixer, Older Silver faced version,70 volt & 8 ohm outputs, 5 band EQ, compressor, 2 AUX inputs, a real workhorse, Good cond.
Fabrikant: Bogen
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All of the Bogen PA amplifiers have a reputation for incredible durability.   We routinely find them in installations for schools, houses of worship where they have been quietly providing reliable PA support for decades, despite often poor environmental conditions and neglect.

Please note this unit does NOT have the plug-in transformers for the microphone inputs, and they will not work without them.

This makes a great PA power amplifier for line input applications in distributed overhead speaker systems.  

This unit is in working condition as is being sold strictly as-is, due to its age.   

Here are some features and specifications from Bogen:

1. 4 low impedance transformer coupled mic inputs  (needs transformers)
2. Built in Phantom supply on the "B" versions of the CT60 and CT100
3. Two Aux inputs with an AUX1/2 fader knob for line level inputs
4. Built in mic precedence, remote volume control, 600 Ω line input and outputs
5. Detented EQ faders for feedback control, 5 total @ 80 HZ, 300 HZ, 1 KHZ, 3 KHZ, 10 KHZ.
6. Compressor with front panel control
7. Multiple speaker output configurations accept 8Ω, 25 volt and 70 volt lines.

You can see Bogen's documentation here: