BTS (SONY) DVR-28N D2 Composite Digital VTR

Sony D2 deck, sn10606. This machine has been tested for basic functions and is working. Willing to part out pcbs, etc. See Full description for details.
Fabrikant: Sony
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Please Note:  This deck has been tested with a standard size D2 cassette for Playback, Jog/Shuttle functions, along with  operational menu displays, with no errors or malfunctions.   The composite video and analog audio outputs are working. 

This BTS/Sony DVR-28N machine is in Good cosmetic condition.  The deck is functioning and is available for local pickup.   

Operating hours:

Operation:  50,644

Drum:          562,937. [451,907]

Head:            13,025.  [?01,914]

Tape:            15,179

Threading:   19,400

The Board complement is as follows:


  • AD73
  • DE37
  • DIF05
  • EN99
  • MD62
  • PP34
  • PR157
  • SSP07


  • DT16
  • AE15
  • EQ29