DBX 158 Frame, with 410 Noise Reduction Cards

dbx 158 rack frame with 9 dbx 410 Noise reduction cards.
Fabrikant: DBX
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These Frames were used for 8 Track analog tape recorders, and it has separate Input and Output process loops for all 8 Channels; that is, a Record In Record Out, Playback In Playback Out for each channel.

There are Eight active card positions and one card slot is simply a spare holder.   The Input Output access is via unbalanced RCA connectors. There are cinch plugs for remote control through an 8 track deck.  This unit has been Partially tested for signal throughput and all 9 cards are working.   The switching and remote cabling are not available so those functions have not been tested by bts.   A few Channels may require some calibration for the deck electronics.