DBX NX40 Noise Eliminator

DBX NX40 typeII noise eliminator, half rack
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Manufacturer: DBX

Used for noise reduction for tapes (cassette or Reel) and provides encoding (record) and decoding (playback) for audio tapes.

Can be used for decoding DBX-encoded LP's.


This unit has not been checked to factory specs, but it passes signal cleanly and appears to work fine.


  • Noise Reduction - Greater than 30dB
  • Dynamic Range - Greater than 88dB
  • Frequency Response - + 1.5dB 50Hz - 15kHz
  • Total Harmonic Distortion - Less than 0.5% 100Hz - 15kHz
  • Equivalent Input Noise - 85dB below 1V
  • Maximum Input and Output Levels - 1.6V
  • Input Level Range for Unity (0-dB) Gain (level match) - Factory-set at 100mV; adjustable from 60mV to 1.6V for convenient level-matching