DVS DPS-185 Test Signal Generator

Digital Video Systems Model DPS-185 Video Test Signal Generator. For Parts or Repair. Non functioning unit, see notes.

The DPS-185 is a versatile Digital Sync and Pattern generator.   It provides 32 patterns that can be independently selected for 2 different Composite outputs.  It provides a number of  outputs, many obsolete:

  • 2 Composite test signal Channels, each with 2 outputs
  • Black burst outputs
  • Composite Sync
  • Composite Blanking
  • Burst Flag
  • Vert drive
  • Horiz drive
  • Subcarrier
  • looping sync input


All of the patterns & outputs work, but all of the signals are lacking Chroma.   (The Burst is present on the Waveform, but the outputs are B&W.)

Cosmetically the unit is in Fair to Good condition, and the front panel screening is in VG condition. 

This unit is being sold AS IS, for repair or parts.