Expert Electronics EE-T1 Input Transformer

Audio input transformer, Mu-Metal Shielded case, Manufacturer Unknown. From Bud Pressner's Gary IN studios. See Photo #4 for windings and Ω information.
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These transformers were obtained for a studio construction project that was never completed.   The specifications that accompany the transformers are as follow:

  • Frequency Response 15Hz--50KHz
  • 1:1 Windings
  • Split Primaries
  • Split Secondaries
  • Electrostatic shield
  • Dims:1.75" D, 2.25" H, 1.5" Mtg Hole C.
  • Wt: 13 oz.

Regarding the origins of the Expert Electronics transformers, we believe that they were removed from a custom built console which was part of Bud Pressner recording in Gary Indiana.   We purchased many of the console parts along with the transformers many years ago.  The various console Mic input and line modules were labeled with "EE", and "Expert Electronics" markings.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions regarding the transformers.