Extron RGB 116 9 Pin Analog to RGBs video

Computer video interface for Projectors, Monitors, and Panels. Retired by Extron, this model has a 9 pin input, RGBS output. Good condition, untested.
Beschikbaarheid:: Op voorraad

Extron lists a Similar Model, the RGB116P as a  "SuperVGA/Mac & SUN Computer-Video Interface"

This unit is untested and being sold strictly As-Is. 

If you are interesested in the RGB 116, or any of the Extron Interfaces on bibbteck.com, we'd be happy to answer any questions you might have prior to making a selection.

There were no specifications available at the time of this posting. 

The unit has a 9 pin male input connector, with 4 BNC jacks on the rear panel.  There is a Horizontal centering control on the front panel with a defeat switch.