Farfisa BT40 15" Combo Bass and Keyboard amp. sn A217/113

A solid cabinet, hand built with a simple 2 input amplifier and a Cast Frame 15" driver. Portions of the covering are torn, especially on the right rear edges. SOLD.
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The Farfisa BT40 is a solid state amplifier with 2 inputs that was marketed from about 1963 through 1969.  This amp was built especially for use with Farfisa electronic Keyboards, and that is apparent from the overall gain available, which is clearly in line with the higher signal levels from Keys and the active electronics in newer guitars.

The cabinet has a rear loading vented path that resembles some transmission line designs.   The cabinet is extraordinarily well constructed, with braces and glued joints throughout.  It’s also incredibly heavy at 95 lbs.   The rear panel is held in with 10 screws that provide access to 3 cavities; a top section with the electronics, and middle portion that houses the 15” driver & port, and a bottom section with a huge power transformer.  (The transformer appears to be an isolation transformer as well, and the amp uses 2 wire AC wiring.)

As was typical of the early Farfisa products, all of the wiring is harnessed and carefully dressed from top to bottom.  The wiring is generally soldered point to point, with a terminal block or two for accessing some of the AC power leads.

The amplifier works fine, with little low level hum.  It would benefit from recapping, but there are no audible signs of any faults. The sound is very good, with a clean low end that’s great for Keyboard bass lines.  You can definitely hear the better quality that this cabinet construction brings to a single 15” driver.   

The grill is in good condition with a round puncture less than .5” below the front badge.   The badge and handle are in good condition.  

Dimensions: 39” x 17.5” x 15.75 Deep.

Wt: approx 95 lbs.

From the Original Farfisa Brochure:

Straight from the Farfisa Compact organ electronic engineers, the BT 40 is for all combo work, featuring dual input operation to facilitate amplification of other instruments of the group.

40 watts power
Extra sensitive 15″ speaker in special reflex enclosure
Dual input single channel operation
Precision volume control
Full tone control
Two position slide-switch for maximum treble boost
Illuminated control panel
Durable black simulated leather covering
Sturdy front supports with Easy-Roll wheels on rear