General Radio W10MT3 Autotransformer (Variac)

Infinitely variable 120 Volt AC Supply, 10 Amp Capacity, Good condition.
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We have just a few of these AutoTransformers or Variacs as they are more commonly known.   General Radio, or Genrad, manufactured a very fine line of electronic test equipment for the Broadcast Industry and Laboratories.   Their products are on par with test equipment from Tektronix, HP, and Fluke.

The W10MT3 will deliver 10 amperes of AC current from 0 to140 Volts, for a 120 Volt input.   

The units have a single outlet on the top of the case, with a Power switch, Large calibrated dial and a front panel circuit breaker.   These units are old, probably manufactuerd in the 1970s.   They have a grey hammer-tone finish on the case, with a simple aluminum handle on the top that drops out of the way.   

Variacs are a necessity for any well-equipped repair bench, and are a great fixture for testing tube gear, and analog electronics with suspect power supplies and filter capacitors.