Gentner TS612 Mainframe, Six line, sn001461

Gentner TS612 mainframe, 6 lines, Very good condition.
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Since the early 1980s Gentner has set the standard for telephone interface equipment in the Broadcast Industry and the TS612 quickly earned a place as a the top choice in Radio, Teleconferencing, and Television--where ever efficient management of call-in productions was required.     All of the Gentner products exhibit excellent construction, bullet proof electronics and provide the highest quality audio possible using POTS lines.

This unit was built prior to the change to the ClearOne name in 2002, but have not established a date of manufacture.   You can see the line cards use 6 SPT113 iron core transformers along with 3 NAiS relays, and these components were replaced with integrated packages on the later versions.

This unit was decommissioned from a major network facility.  It has cards for 6 lines, and can be expanded to 12 lines.   All 6 lines, caller and sends tested and working perfectly.   Cosmetic condition is Good to Very good, with some wear along the top edge of the front panel.

Here are some specs from Gentner/Clearone.   Please note this information is from the Current edition (2016) and all of the software/firmware references may not apply:

The TS612 features two internal digital hybrids, providing high-quality interface to six telephone lines (expandable to 12). The dual hybrids
allow the TS612 to operate as a single-studio telephone system able to conference up to four callers simultaneously, or a two-studio system able to conference two callers to each studio.

Firmware version 2.5.3 introduces user-selectable capabilities including split-caller mode, split-hybrid mode, previous-hold, two-button hold, and two-button off, and screener air control. These and others features will be discussed in detail later on in the manual.

Split-Caller Mode You can use the TS612 as a single studio system and bring each of the hybrid outputs independently to the audio console with a single feed for both hybrids.
Split-Hybrid Mode Like Split-Caller Mode, you can bring each hybrid out to the console independently. However, you can return independent feeds for each hybrid in Split-Hybrid Mode.
This mode places calls on hold automatically when you select another line. You can switch between previous-hold mode and traditional line switching (with automatic disconnect) via the control surface.
Two-Button Hold
With Two-Button Hold you can place a single call on hold when two or more lines are conferenced together.
Two-Button Off
This mode allows you to disconnect any line by pressing the Off button followed by the line button you wish to disconnect.
Screener Air Control
When enabled, this mode allows the screening control surface to place calls to and from air.