Global Streams Play Holoset LiteRing

Global Streams, the maker of The Trinity Play NLE system sold this as a lens mounted Green screen Emitter. A Revolutionary way to achieve High Quality Chroma Keys in the field or the studio.
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Holoset is a Green (or Blue) Screen Chroma Key Fill system that was sold by Play Incorporated (the makers of the Trinity NLE) .  This system has also been known as Chromatte, which is still being made by Reflecmedia.   Currently the Relfecmedia Chromatte Medium Green Light Rings are retailing for $3900.   This light ring is the same product and has never been in use.  It's available in the original packaging with the original PLAY Holoset Field manual.    

  • Green light required to Chroma key is provided by a camera-mounted ring of LED's
  • Low power requirement allows for easy movement from location to location.
  • Chromatte can be installed into the largest of studios or the smallest office - there is no 'spill' in a Chromatte installation.
  • Less Lighting Needed - No need to light the background. So long as the lighting for the talent or subject is off axis from the camera; you can light any way the situation requires.
  • Quick and easy set up in studio or on location.

The HoloRing, Power Supply and Controller are all NOS and have never been in use.   The Play Manual is included.

This is a brief description from VideoMaker:

Traditionally, when you want to create a chromakey effect it's a much-involved and tricky affair. You'll need a backdrop or wall that's painted one solid color, usually blue or green, and you'll have to light it evenly to achieve a uniform key color. At least, you used to. That's all changed now that Play has introduced its innovative chromakeying solution called HoloSet.
The HoloSet system includes an ultra-reflective backdrop material and a cool HoloRing optical emitter that fits around your camcorder's lens to cast a broadcast-quality key source without chroma spill. The system is designed for advanced videographers who put a premium on chromakey effects and who are willing to pay for them. The system isn't cheap, but when you consider that you don't need an expensive lighting setup for the backdrop, and factor in the time you'll save, you may find that the system pays for itself.

The System

The HoloSet system is customizable and portable. It consists of a HoloRing, which fits on your camcorder's lens and emits a ring of blue or green lights. The other elements of the system include reflective background material and a controller/power supply that controls the intensity of the light that the ring emits. The system we received from Play was custom made. It consisted of a blue HoloRing (optical emitter), a controller, power supply and 13-by-13.5-foot reflective material. This system costs about $4,800, but Play offers a Starter's Kit that costs about $1,575. It's the same system that we reviewed but the reflective material is much smaller, measuring 2-by-1.4-meters (6.56-by-4.59-feet). This is an affordable system that can get you up and running quickly. Since the reflective material can be cut to order, you can save considerably by cutting down on the amount of material you need.
Setup was quick and easy. We hung the 13-by-13.5-foot reflective backdrop on our production studio wall and attached the HoloRing (optical emitter) to a Canon GL1 Mini DV camcorder. The HoloRing comes in two sizes to fit professional or consumer camcorders. The small HoloRing will fit camera lenses with diameters from 44.45mm to 74.93mm, while the large HoloRing fits camera lenses with diameters from 60.64mm to 115.82mm. We easily attached the ring to our camcorder's lens.