Jensen C10PF 10" Flexair woofers C78956 (pair #2)

Removed from Jensen TF-3 cabinets. A pair of Jensen 10" woofers, Date code: 220116. These units are identical. Price is for the pair.
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Overall in VVG condition, cosmetically and electrically.  There is some age discoloration around the edges of the surrounds, possibly from migration of the surround treatment and adhesive over time.  There are no defects (rips, dents or tears) in the cones or dust caps.  

These are 8Ω paper cone woofers from the early 60s with ceramic magnets, treated ribbed surrounds (no foam).   Complete manufacturer specifications were unavailable at the time of this posting.  

The Jensen TF-3 info states a resonant frequency of 30Hz, and a system power rating of 25 watts.  

Both the TF-3 and TF-4 Cabinets used the same drivers in all 3 positions (woofer, Mid, tweeter) with the TF-4 using an additional 8"  mid-bass driver.  The Cabinets had different dimensions with the TF-4's being much shallower.