Matthey VU 360 Delay Line Package

These are precision 75Ω Video delay lines with BNC jacks. Total Delay is 325nSec. There are 12 delay lines per frame.
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These delay lines were used in timing incoming video signals for Post production switchers and processors.    Each rack tray contains 12 delay lines in a rack mount frame, that is 5.25" (3 Rack units) high.  

Each Delay line has a pair of BNC jacks, so it's simple to cascade these for 3900 nSec delay per frame.   It would be interesting to see how they would work for audio signals.

Each Delay unit has 6 separately switched delay taps at the following increments:

  • 160 nSec
  • 80 nSec
  • 40 nSec
  • 20 nSec
  • 10 nSec
  • 5 nSec

In addition there is a variable delay for Precise adjustment of the delay.