Maxell UD 35-180 1/4" tape stock, 10" reels USED, Gold Foil box

Boxed Maxell UD 35-180 stock, used, appears to be in VG condition. Will be spooled and degaussed prior to sale.
Disponibilité: Rupture de stock

Maxell 10" reels, all with UD 35-180 stock, containing prerecorded music, much of it classical. Each reel is a full 3600', which will hold over 3 hours of material at 7.5IPS, recording in both directions.  

The boxes and reels are in VG condition. The tapes will be respooled prior to sale and inspected for any shedding. These tapes are used, one owner, and have notes on the boxes and tags on the reels. We can bulk erase the lot prior to purchase.