Motorola HT90 Walkie Talkie Package

HT90 Radios, Charging station and holsters. Condition is generally fair overall. Open to offers on the package.
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These Complete Motorola package including all of the following:

4 Motorola HT90 Walkie Talkies with Antennae, 466.2375 MHZ
6 Motorola Holsters
1 Motorola 6 position charger, model XNLN7965A

Testing showed that all of the radios took a charge using the charger.     We were unable to get them to work very well beyond testing the volume and squelch controls.  Transmit worked, but we couldn't get very clear reception.    One radio is set up with a secondary frequency.   One position of the charger is not connected.
One of the Holsters is damaged, but still usable.