One Pass Videotape Stock, All Formats

We have a large quantity of one pass masters available in a variety of formats; DVC PRO, Beta, DigiBeta and One Inch.
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We have a large variety of backup Video Production Masters for sale.   These tapes were produced as backups and safety copies, and all of this stock was stored in a climate controlled vault.    The vast majority of these tapes have not been played or tested since originally recorded.  We've spot checked a few and found them to be in like new condition.

All are in cases with the original programming and labels intact.   The DVC Pro stock is mostly Panasonic AJ-P MP type, with some Fuji and Maxell interspersed.

Lists of the Beta, DigiBeta and One Inch types will be forthcoming. 

Since we have such a variety, we have to process each order manually, so please let us know what you need and we will gladly assemble the types and quantities you need for shipping.

Here's a partial list of DVC PRO stock:

6 Panasonic 12 MIN
1 Panasonic 23
35 Panasonic 24
133 Panasonic 33
10 Panasonic 46
2 Panasonic 63
1 Panasonic 66
119 Panasonic 66
31 Panasonic 94
15 Panasonic 126