Panasonic AJ-D640P DVC Deck, Not Working

Panasonic AJ-D640P DVC Pro recorder with slo mo. Component (Y-PB-PR), Composite and S-Video in-outs. Displays error code 53, eating tape.
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This deck (sn F8trb0198) is in Very Good cosmetic condition with some light scuff marks along the top of the front panel.

The hours meters read as follows:

  • Operating-9308
  • Drum Run-2511
  • Tape Run-1113
  • Thread-32034


Here are some basic features from the Panasonic literature:


General and Features


General and Features
This unit is a digital video cassette recorder which uses 1/4-inch tapes.
It incorporates digital compression technology so that the deterioration in picture quality and
sound quality resulting from dubbing is significantly minimized compared with existing
analog systems.
Furthermore, since it has a compact 4U size and light weight, the unit can be carried around
or mounted in a 19-inch rack with ease.
The settings for the unit's setup can be performed while viewing the screen menus on the
TV monitor. With the AJ-D650 unit, both assemble and insert editing are possible through
external control.
Compact size and light weight
This is a 4U size digital VTR. It can be mounted in a 19-inch rack with ease using the
optional rack-mounting adaptors (AJ-MA34HP).
Up to 123 minutes of recording
Two sizes of cassette tapes can be used with this unit: the news-gathering cassette (max.
63 minutes) and general purpose cassette (max. 123 minutes). The width of the tapes
measures 1/4 inch to achieve a compact design.
Compatibility with consumer products
Consumer cassette tapes shot with digital cameras available on the consumer market can
be played back on this unit using the optional cassette adaptor (AJ-CS750P).

• Slow playback of consumer cassette tapes will not produce the smooth operation
produced by slow playback of DVCPRO cassette tapes.
• Consumer cassette tapes recorded in LP mode cannot be played back.
Digital slow motion/jog
Noiseless images can be played back from speeds ranging from still picture to approx. ±1/2 x
normal tape speed through the external controller.

• Some noise may occur when the slow motion speed is changed.
• When slow motion playback is used, the top and bottom of the screen shift.
Time codes
This unit comes with a built-in time code generator (TCG)/time code reader (TCR). In
addition to the internal time code, time code facilities include external time code input as well
as recording of the input signal VITC code.
Multi-function input/output interfaces
• Analog input/output
Component (Y, pb, pr) and composite and S-VIDEO signal input and output connectors are
• Digital audio input/output
AES/EBU audio input/output is possible when the optional digital audio interface board (AJ-
YA655P) is used.
• Serial digital input/output
Serial digital (SMPTE 259M-C, 272M) input/output is possible when the optional component
serial interface board (AJ-YA750P) is used.
The AJ-YA655P board, sold separately, is necessary when using serial digital audio
(SMPTE 272M).
• 9-pin (RS-422A)/(RS-232C) remote
The standard 9-pin serial (RS-422A) connector or an optional RS-232C connector is used.