Panasonic WV-5380 8" B&W Video Monitor

A professional style Monochrome video monitor with Cross-Pulse. Good condition, slight blooming with full bright control.
Beschikbaarheid:: Op voorraad

This monitor has a full metal case, stacks easily.   It's been tested and works fine, with some blooming (pincushioning) at high brightness settings.  

There were no specifications available at the time of this posting, so we're providing this limited information:

  • NTCS Monochrome 9" monitor, Composite video only.
  • Looping BNC Video input, with switch termination
  • Looping BNC Sync input, with switch termination
  • Internal External Sync selection
  • DC Restorer
  • Horiz AFC time select
  • Looping Audio input (RCA jacks)
  • External Speaker 1/4 jack
  • 8 pin AV jack (output monitor?)
  • DC 12V input

Dims:  8.5"x8.5"x10.5" (D), approx 12 lbs net.