Pioneer SE-505 Stereo Headphones, 2/2

Vintage late 70s big muff headphones, with volume and tone controls. Missing volume control knobs, otherwise in Very Good condition.
Fabrikant: Pioneer
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This model uses a true two way configuration, with separate drivers for the low end and high end.   The bass driver is at the back of the cup with the tweeter mounted in front of it.   There is a simple 6 db/octave crossover and the tone control varies the level balance between the two drivers.   These are very comfortable, despite the 1.5 lb weight.  The controls are smooth and work perfectly, with some pot noise that fades with use.  

This set is in very good condition overall.  

The ear muffs are in excellent condition and the interior foam is intact.   The black leather covering is in VVG condition and the metal band shows no signs of rust or pitting.

PLEASE NOTE: This pair is missing the knobs for the concentric Volume controls.  The controls work perfectly.  


  • 8Ω impedance
  • 1.75" poly woofers
  • 1.25 poly tweeters
  • Response 20HZ to 20KHZ  (no +/- provided)
  • SPL 108 db/0.3V
  • Max input 500mw
  • Cord length 16' (5m) fully extended