RANE FAT 22 Active Transformer Module

A very rare Rane product that was part of the FLEX series. Very Good condition. Price is for 2 units in a 1 RU Rackmount with Power supplies.
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These modules were designed for vertical mounting into Rane's FLEX Frame Modular Signal Processing line.   This particular module, the FAT 22 is rarely seen, and no one at Rane seems to have any information regarding the specifications, nor have we been able to find any Manuals or even a reference to this model anywhere else.

Briefly, this module accepts 2 Balanced Line inputs and provides 2 Balanced line outputs.   There are two front panel Input level controls, along with a master A/B Level control.  The inputs can be slaved together, and the output can be set for Stereo or Mono. 

Here's a portion of an email we received some time ago from Rane Technical Support:

"Here's the 101 I can tell you about this very rare and unique item.

Three input signal choices exist: Direct, Master Bus and Aux Bus. Only Direct is available from the screw terminals.
Master and Aux-Bus audio only appears on Flex Bus connectors; these are documented on our website.

Either Independent OR Slaved Level controls can be used, never both. Flip front panel switch to pick "one or two-knob" mode.

Stereo / Mono slide switch sums A and B input signals before the level controls. In Mono with Independent mode selected A and B outputs may be set to different levels, but still have identical content.

When all Level controls are set to 2 o'clock (about "7"), signal output is +12 dB higher. This translates to an increase from "consumer" (-10 dBV) to "professional" (+4 dBu).

That's all there is to tell.
We do not have any parts available to service this model and repairs for all FLEX family units was discontinued a few years ago.


This information regarding the Genesis of the FAT 22 was found in a 1997 issue of SVC, referencing a Planet Hollywood, Nashville installation:

“Before we used FAT 22 units,” said Acosta, “we used the Rane FMM42s and their FLT transformer boxes for simple line-driving applications.  We realized that using both pieces was a bit of over-kill for the functions we needed them to perform, so I called Rane one day and asked them if they’d be interested in making something that was just an amplifier and a transformer.  They were receptive and asked me to draw something up for them.  I came up with a unit that had stereo-mono switching and the ability to control left and right output gain either independently or combined.  It’s a nice little unit, and I’m proud to say I contributed in some way to its creation.”

“Rane’s not so large a company as to be unable to respond quickly to an interesting new concept,” said Rothstein, “yet they’re large enough to be able to produce a product in quantity to make it economical and take it to market, as they did with the FAT22.”

Apparently, Rane manufactured very few of these units, so few that they never bothered to produce a Brochure or any other documentation.