Sound Ideas Sound Effects Library The General 6000 Series CDs

Sound Ideas Sound Effect Library the General 6000 Series includes 40 CDs.
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Sound Ideas Sound Library 6000 Series

Recognized all over the world as the most comprehensive sound effects library of its kind, Series 6000 represents the very best in general sound effects libraries. This staggering 40 CD collection of more than 7,500 sound effects (more than 50 hours of recorded sound), reigns supreme as the industry leader in professional audio - you simply cannot get a broader selection or more detailed coverage of the must-have categories required for daily production. Simply put, The General is the standard against which all other sound effects products are measured. The General is our signature library. It offers a broad spectrum of sound effects - including Animals & Birds, Construction, Crowds, Fire, Household, Industry, Military, Office, Sports, Transportation, Weather, and much, much more. The collection also includes long ambience tracks from around the world, Foley sounds, and some truly spectacular audio from four award-winning sound designers. Winner of the prestigious Game Developer Hall of Fame Award,


CD #, Description

CD6001, Aviation #1
CD6002, Aviation #2
CD6003, Animals/Birds
CD6004, Auto Racing/ Car Chases
CD6005, Auto- Ford Escort
CD6006, Auto- Olds Cutlass
CD6007, Auto- Lincoln Towncar
CD6008, Auto- Honda Accord
CD6009, Auto- Road Surfaces
CD6010, Auto- Miscellaneous
CD6011, Construction #1
CD6012, Construction #2
CD6013, Crowd #1
CD6014, Crowd #2
CD6015, Fire
CD6016, Foley #1 Footsteps
CD6017, Foley #2 Footsteps
CD6018, Miscellaneous D to H
CD6019, Helicopter
CD6020, Household #1
CD6021, Household #2
CD6022, Industry
CD6023, Industry/Jungle
CD6024, Marine
CD6025, Military
CD6026, Motorcycles
CD6027, Music/Percussion
CD6028, Office
CD6029, Outdoor Sounds
CD6030, Restaurant/Stores
CD6031, Sports
CD6032, Miscellaneous
CD6033, Transportation
CD6034, Traffic
CD6035, Water
CD6036, Weather
CD6037, Miscellaneous
CD6038, Sound Designer- Frank Serafine
CD6039, Sound Designer- Mike McDonough
CD6040, Sound Designer- Alan Howarth