Vintage Radio Tuning Crystals, FT243 & HC cases

Over 50 pieces in this lot, with the FT243s in the 7 MHZ range, HCs vary. Untested, Sold AS IS.
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Purchased from the estate of a retired RCA engineer, we have a lot of over 50 Assorted Crystals.  The larger FT243 crystals are in the 7 Meg range (16 pieces); manufactured by JAN, Standard Piezo, Peterson Radio, Texas Crystals and Crystek.    The HC crystals are primarily RCA and span a much wider frequency range.

  • 15 FT-243 cases
  • 35 of the smaller HC25 package.   

These components were part of an EEs shop stock, and many are hand labeled with precise (7.xxxxx) frequency rating, and in some cases the labels include call letters.   This batch is being sold STRICTLY on an  AS IS basis, and have not been tested or rated by