Wurlitzer (Magnavox) 15" Field Coil speakers

Removed from a pair of Wurlitzer Model 62 Tone cabinets. Good condition, with minor stains on one cone. Price is for the PAIR.
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The Wurlitzer Model 62 Tone Cabinet had a single 15" field coil speaker paired with a 12" permanent magnet speaker.    These field coil drivers were removed from 2 working cabinets.    The manufacturers code of P-232 indicates that these drivers were manufactured by Magnavox, who supplied Wurlitzer, Scott and a number of other companies with raw drivers.   

Reference Numbers stamped on the Basket:   109 P232 140   1D3588

Reference Number on Magnet Yoke:  14488

Reference Number on Cone: 932 5

Except for the inspection and DCR readings on the coils they are untested.  The field coils are stamped as 5200 Ω. 

Using a Fluke DMM, the Field coils read 5100 Ω DCR, and the voice coils read 5.2 Ω DCR.    One of the cones has some light white stains that appear to be from plaster dust or water.  There are no visible tears or cracks in the cones or the spiders.