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Final Copy II Manual for Commodore Amiga SOLD OUT.

Manual for Commodore Amiga Word Processing program, Final Copy. Please see full description.

Commodore Amiga System Software Manual V 2.0

An original Commodore Amiga binder with tutorials, manuals and 6 Floppy disks. SOLD OUT.

Amiga OS 3.1 package of manuals and 6 Floppies.

A set of 4 manuals and 6 Floppy disks in original packaging. SOLD OUT.

UREI 537 1/3 Octave Graphic Equalizer, sn1253A

UREI Model 537 One Third Octave Equalizer. Fully tested, working, please see full description.

Otari CB-110 Remote for MX-5050 8 Track (no sn.)

Otari CB-110 remote control with 30' cable, good condition, fully tested and working.

RCA MI-6203-C Lo Z Ribbon Microphone, sn 1464.

A working RCA Ribbon mic, All original, please read the full description for details.

Tascam Model 32 1/4 inch half track SOLD.

A Tascam 1/4 inch Analog audio recorder in VVG condition, new belt and roller. Local pickup only.
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Blonder Tongue AM 60-750 Agile Modulators

Model AM 60-750, stock number 59418 J: 60 dbmV output through 750MHZ. These units have Balanced audio and BNC inputs. Sold AS IS.
A partir de £20.13

Silicon Graphics WebFORCE INDY PC

A 1994 Silicon Graphics WebFORCE INDY PC, working, removed from a small Edit facility. Very good cosmetics, please read full description.
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Extron Super Emotia II pn 60-247-01.SOLD OUT. PAL/NTSC

Computer video interface for Projectors, Monitors, and Panels. Retired by Extron, this is an early model with 15 pin HD Looping input and RGBHV, SV and composite outputs. In VVG condition.

Altec Model 67A Filter, sn 391521 #113. (Altec 67-A)

This Early Altec 67-A is a passive filter assembly with a 68A Low Pass and a 69A High Pass filter, a Vintage Altec tool from a small film editing studio. Sold.
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Hickok 292X Crystal Controlled Microvolt Generator.

This generator is in good condition, and the output section has been tested with a scope to confirm ranges, etc. Due to Age, this piece is Available Strictly As Is.

Maestro Rhythm Master MKII sn12695

Maestro Rhythm King MRK II in good working condition, cosmetically rates Good to Fair. See description and photos for details.
£231.19 £206.79

The Music Director Programming Service Library SOLD OUT.

Most recorded on Maxell UD35-90 stock, 7"reels of recorded music designed for radio airplay. Price is for the entire lot (79 reels). Please call to arrange for purchase.

SWR Blonde Workingman's Combo amplifier, sn 0782.

An early version (1997) of the SWR stereo guitar/bass amplifier packed with features for recording, club dates, solo acoustic work. This is a one owner amp that has been very well cared for.
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AKG C 451 E Kit; w CK5, CK8

An AKG microphone kit with 2 capsules, Fair to Good condition. NB: CK8 needs repair, please read description carefully.
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Electro-Voice RE20 Microphone (922)

The ubiquitous EV RE20. A workhorse in recording and broadcast, this specimen is in VVG condition. SOLD OUT.

Raxxess LSCP-8 8 RU Plexiglass Security cover

A steel frame with 2 Locking Plexiglass covers, of 4 RU each. Typically retails for $90.

Lawson L47MP Tube Microphone: sn551

A beautiful gold Lawson Tube microphone in Excellent condition. Complete with 2 Mogami extension cables and Pelican case. SOLD OUT.

One Pass Videotape Stock, All Formats. SOLD OUT.

We have a large quantity of one pass masters available in a variety of formats; DVC PRO, Beta, DigiBeta and One Inch.
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ATI P100 Professional Turntable Preamplifier

The Encore Series version, Balanced outputs. Audiophile quality RIAA Equalization with Studio level +4 db outputs, jumper selectable loading.
£200.69 £173.85

EV RE27N/D, Studio Vocal Microphone

Electro Voice model RE27N/D, in Excellent condition, a great vocal mic for Recording and Broadcast applications.

Sennheiser MD 211 U Dynamic Microphone

Sennheiser MD 211 omnidirectional dynamic microphone, excellent condition, satin stainless body. sn14653.
£170.19 £139.69

AKG C 414 B-ULS Condenser Microphone

Top Rated AKG C414B-ULS, 4 Pattern Condenser Microphone.

Ensoniq EPS M Vintage Synth Rack Sampler Module

Listed as a 13 Bit Sampler, this is a late 1980's Rack version of the Keyboard. SOLD OUT.
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Grace Design Model 101 Mic Preamp

This is an early Chrome version of the Grace Mic Pre. Extremely clean, Quiet, Low noise preamp using select components and advanced design.

Arriflex 16mm Magazines SOLD OUT

These are 16mm mags for the Arriflex 16M camera.
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Shure M63 Audio Master

A combination Preamp & Equalizer, in the style of the old Pultec filters. A very useful tool to clean up noisy audio tracks and provide additional gain as needed.

AudioArts Engineering Model 4100 Parametric Equalizer

4 Band Parametric EQ with Balanced I/O, Overlapping bands with very flexible Q and Depth controls.

Otari MX-5050MKIII-8 (sn18106186)

Otari 8 track 1/2 inch Analog recorder in VVG condition, early version, with very low hours. Local pickup only.

Phase Linear 1000 Autocorrelator Noise Reduction Unit

Phase Linear 1000 Autocorrelator Noise Reduction and Dynamic Range Recovery unit. Very Good Condition!
£133.59 £121.39

UREI 537 1/3 Octave Graphic Equalizer, sn1304A

UREI Model 537 One Third Octave Equalizer. Fully tested, working, please see full description.

DBX 165 Compressor/Limiter early 1980s version.

DBX165 Mono compressor/limiters sn 1300,1698. VVG cosmetics, Bal Input, Classic, great sounding compressor. Pictured is sn 1698, sn1300 photos to be posted soon. SOLD OUT.
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Ampex AG440B 1/2" 4 Track head assembly

Ampex AG440B 1/2" 4 Track head assembly, looks new and marked as such, sn 402027305 trapezoidal lap on record head.