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Sony BVU 850 sn11898, Umatic Editing deck, Sold Out.

This machine intermittently loads tape. Sold for Parts or Repair. Local pickup, or customer can arrange for shipping.

Sony BVU 950 sn12352, Umatic Editing deck, SOLD OUT.

The top of the line model in Sony's Broadcast Umatic line. This machine is in working condition, local pickup, or customer can arrange for shipping.

Altec Lansing A440A HiFi Preamplifier, sn224.

A 1950s Mono Altec HiFi Pre-amplifier, all tube, all original chassis and internal components. This piece will need recapping, etc., and has not been tested. A nice restoration project.
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Ampex Meter Assembly, pn 4010098-01, Sold Out.

A calibrated stereo meter pair, with balanced, loop through inputs, variable range settings, 2 rack units high. Very good condition.
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JAN CHS 811, VT-217 tubes, Sylvania, NOS. SOLD OUT.

Joint Army Navy 811 VT-217 Power triodes, made by Sylvania. Made in the USA. Tested on TV7, priced each.

RCA 811A Transmitter tube #0114, NOS. Sold out. - copy

NOS RCA 811A Power triode, with crimped Plate (anode) construction. Made in the USA.

Rane AC22 Active Electronic Crossover Sold Out.

Rane AC22 Stereo 2-way or Mono 3-way Crossover. Clean, one owner piece, from a no-smoking studio.
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Sony SEG2000 Switcher, SEG. SOLD

Early Sony Analog 7 Input Switcher has Multiple Burst and PGM outputs, VG Condition.

Hickok 539B Tube tester, sn152 1031 SOLD OUT

A 1956 Hickok 539B tube tester, clean, parts missing: fuse (type 81 lamp) and rectifier tubes (83, 5Y3). The case is in fair condition, Tube Roll chart is in very good condition.
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Pioneer SR-202 Reverb Amplifier sn PL38014

An early Pioneer reverb unit for adding reverb effects to recordings. SOLD OUT

Technics SL-P1200 CD Player Sold Out.

A Professional CD Player from Technics with Pitch, Search and excellent D>A converters. Very Good condition. SOLD.
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Tascam 122 MKIII, Balanced I/O,sn 210203, good condition.

A late model Tascam 122 MKIII with the balanced audio option, very low hours, some scratches to the top of the front plate. SOLD OUT.
$599.00 $499.00

Tascam Model 302 Dual Well Rackmount cassette deck, sn9400163 992

Professional dubbing deck, 3 heads, direct drive capstan. Very clean, with low hours. SOLD OUT.

Roland RE201 Space Echo, early 1980s, sn249425.

A combination Spring tank reverb, tape delay echo unit with Microphone/Instrument and Line Level inputs. VERY clean, with new Maxell UD tape loop. SOLD OUT.
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RCA Model 501S1 Hi Fi BiAxial 12 inch Speaker,

Vintage 1957 12" BiAxial RCA speaker with 3" Hi Frequency driver. AlNiCo magnet, only one available. SOLD OUT.

Final Copy II Manual for Commodore Amiga SOLD OUT.

Manual for Commodore Amiga Word Processing program, Final Copy. Please see full description.

Ampex 351 Tube Electronics package, nsn, stk 1330.

One of 4 mid 1950s 351 Electronics modules, Very good cosmetics. SOLD OUT.
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1958 Fender Pro, sn S02420, 5E5A chassis, Jensen 15".

A late 1958 Fender Pro Amplifier with a 15 inch Jensen C15N speaker. Serial number S02420.** SOLD.
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UREI 537 1/3 Octave Graphic Equalizer, sn1253A

UREI Model 537 One Third Octave Equalizer. Fully tested, working, please see full description.

Brush Development Model BA-109 microphone

Produced in the early 50s by Brush Development, one in a line of crystal microphones designed for commercial use. 40~10Khz response. SOLD OUT.

Otari CB-110 Remote for MX-5050 8 Track (no sn.)

Otari CB-110 remote control with 30' cable, good condition, fully tested and working.

RCA MI-6203-C Lo Z Ribbon Microphone, sn 1464.

A working RCA Ribbon mic, All original, please read the full description for details.

Tascam Model 32 1/4 inch half track SOLD.

A Tascam 1/4 inch Analog audio recorder in VVG condition, new belt and roller. Local pickup only.
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Silicon Graphics WebFORCE INDY PC

A 1994 Silicon Graphics WebFORCE INDY PC, working, removed from a small Edit facility. Very good cosmetics, please read full description.
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Extron Super Emotia II pn 60-247-01.SOLD OUT. PAL/NTSC

Computer video interface for Projectors, Monitors, and Panels. Retired by Extron, this is an early model with 15 pin HD Looping input and RGBHV, SV and composite outputs. In VVG condition.

DBX DDP (Digital Dynamics Processor) sn: 00011221

dbx Digital Processor does it all: Limiter/Compressor/De-Esser/Expander/Gate and Parametric Equalizer with dbx Type IV conversion. In Excellent condition.

Lexicon PCM60 Reverberator, sn60-7453

Excellent specimen of the classic 1980s Lexicon PCM60. SOLD.

Altec Model 67A Filter, sn 391521 #113. (Altec 67-A) SOLD OUT.

This Early Altec 67-A is a passive filter assembly with a 68A Low Pass and a 69A High Pass filter, a Vintage Altec tool from a small film editing studio. Sold.
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Hickok 292X Crystal Controlled Microvolt Generator.

This generator is in good condition, and the output section has been tested with a scope to confirm ranges, etc. Due to Age, this piece is Available Strictly As Is.

Maestro Rhythm Master MKII sn12695 SOLD OUT

Maestro Rhythm King MRK II in good working condition, cosmetically rates Good to Fair. See description and photos for details.
$379.00 $339.00

The Music Director Programming Service Library SOLD OUT.

Most recorded on Maxell UD35-90 stock, 7"reels of recorded music designed for radio airplay. Price is for the entire lot (79 reels). Please call to arrange for purchase.

Gentner TS612 Control Surface sn2355

Producer/ Screener phones for the TS612 System, with handsets, Cond varies. Just In.
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Gentner TS612 Telephone Interface, sn001337, 12 LINE

This is a 12 Line On Air Telephone System for Live Radio, TV and Conference broadcasting. Mainframe only.
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SWR Blonde Workingman's Combo amplifier, sn 0782.

An early version (1997) of the SWR stereo guitar/bass amplifier packed with features for recording, club dates, solo acoustic work. SOLD OUT.
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General Radio 1800-A VTVM, sn2397

This is an early General Radio Vacuum Tube Voltmeter. It is in good cosmetic condition, but is not working. SOLD OUT.
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Panasonic WJ-4600C Composite Video Switcher

A 6 channel Color switcher-SEG with Mix, Wipe & Key effects, self-contained, Very Good Condition.

Hotronic AR31 TBC/Frame Syncs, Non Functioning..

A PAIR of Hotronic TBCs. SOLD OUT.

UTC LS-141 Line Transformer

The LS-141 500Ω to 500Ω Hi Level Audio Transformer. Very Good condition.
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Victoreen GV3B-550 Tube

A boxed, NOS Victoreen GV3B-550 Corotron tube. SOLD OUT.

Electro-Voice RE20 Microphone (922)

The ubiquitous EV RE20. A workhorse in recording and broadcast, this specimen is in VVG condition. SOLD OUT.

Yamaha P2075C Power Amplifier (snNM01029)

Yamaha Pro-Series amp Natural Sound Power Amplifier; Balanced inputs, front panel level controls, 50 WPC @ 8Ω. Very good cosmetics, a sweet sounding amp.
$169.00 $119.00

Raxxess LSCP-8 8 RU Plexiglass Security cover

A steel frame with 2 Locking Plexiglass covers, of 4 RU each. Typically retails for $90.

Lawson L47MP Tube Microphone: sn551

A beautiful gold Lawson Tube microphone in Excellent condition. Complete with 2 Mogami extension cables and Pelican case. SOLD OUT.

ATI P100 Professional Turntable Preamplifier

The Encore Series version, Balanced outputs. Audiophile quality RIAA Equalization with Studio level +4 db outputs, jumper selectable loading.
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EV RE27N/D, Studio Vocal Microphone

Electro Voice model RE27N/D, in Excellent condition, a great vocal mic for Recording and Broadcast applications.

Sennheiser MD 211 U Dynamic Microphone

Sennheiser MD 211 omnidirectional dynamic microphone, excellent condition, satin stainless body. sn14653. SOLD OUT
$279.00 $229.00

Shure Unidyne III SM57 Dynamic Microphone

A Vintage specimen of the Legendary Shure SM57 Unidyne III Dynamic Vocal microphone.

John Hardy M-1 Microphone Preamp, 2 ch. SOLD OUT.

The M-1 is a one owner elite professional microphone preamp by John Hardy. With 2 channels, very clean, standard outputs.
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Tascam 302 Double Auto Reverse Cassette Deck

Rack mountable professional dual cassette deck tape player/recorder.