RF Gear: Mods/Demods, Ham gear, Parts

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Western Electric 417A vacuum tubes, NOS.

NOS Western Electric 417A, in original boxes.
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JAN CHS 811, VT-217, Transmitter tubes, Sylvania, NOS.

Joint Army Navy 811 VT-217 Power triodes, made by Sylvania. Made in the USA. Tested on TV7.

General Electronics Inc. CDR 3B28 Rectifier, (866A replacement).

NOS General Electronics 3B28 Half Wave Gas Rectifier tube. Has UX 4 pin Base Made in the USA. Tests: 42 (min=40)

RCA 811A Transmitter tube #0114, NOS, NIB.

NOS RCA 811A Power triode, with crimped Plate (anode) construction. Made in the USA.

Amperex 811A Transmitter tube #0113, NOS, tests good.

NOS Amperex 811A Power triode, with heavier Plate (anode) construction. Made in the USA. Tested on TV7. Date code 78-08.

Cetron CE-3C Photo Electric tube

The Cetron is another tube from Geneva, Ill., this one made by Continental Electric Co. Also NOS, please read the full description. Tested and working.

National Electronics NL-649/5834 Tube, NOS

The National NL649/5834 is a high current rectifier tube. These are NOS, please read the full description.

Jefferson Electric C-12A-2949 Transformer

An antique pulled from a tube radio set, with B+ and -C terminals.

Kapitol Magnetic Corp M-5499

A small signal output transformer removed from equipment, in Good condition.

Satellite and Cable TV Grounding blocks

Holland Electronics Model GL-G2B2, UL Listed 3 GigaHertz grounding Blocks. Sold in lots of 10 pieces.
A partir de $10.99

Vintage Radio Tuning Crystals, FT243 & HC cases

Over 50 pieces in this lot, with the FT243s in the 7 MHZ range, HCs vary. Untested, Sold AS IS.
$179.00 $129.00