American Concertone (Teac) Model 605 Parts: Capstan motor assy.

Selling parts from an untested Model 605 tube reel Deck. Please Note: All parts sales are final, all parts sold AS IS. If you have any questions don't hesitate to call or email for more information.

This listing is for the Capstan Motor Drive assembly from an American Concertone model 605, a quarter inch, quarter track stereo tape recorder produced in the early 1960s. Some of the parts are marked TEAC.  

The model 605 is a 2 speed machine; assuming that this one was 7.5 and 3.75 IPS, (15 and 1.875 IPS pairs available by special order).

The Capstan Motor assembly is in Good condition but has not been tested. The motor includes the capstan shaft and top cover, bearings, flywheel, fan, and belt which will need replacing.  

Future listings for Concertone 605 Parts will include:

  • spooling motors
  • Capstan motor/shaft assembly
  • Idler
  • Meters
  • Counter
  • Solenoids
  • switch assemblies and more.  

Some Notes from the Museum of Sound Recording:

"Everything was Teac production with the addition of the Telefunken 12AX7 front end tubes and case. All QC functions were performed in Culver City.

Concertone was still manufacturing their own heads including winding and matching the coils for the series 60 and replacement heads for the 20 and 30 series.

They also had an AC-DC 5" reel recorder with an AM radio in the 400 series from Dokorder.

Concertone 605 was a great prosumer recorder with a removable tape head assembly, (easy to change from 2 track to 4 track) full remote control, and the new front shielded heads developed by Al Solfe. This recorder had full pro specs and was a quality recorder. It was later sold under the Concord brand and TEAC as the R2000."