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Audio Accessories Bantam -9 Pin patch panel

A 1 RU, single row data/editing patch bay with designation strip. VG condition.

Audio Accessories 52 point 1/4'' LongFrame balanced patch panels

Audio Accessories 52 pt 1/4 inch LongFrame balanced patch panels, Normals Strapped, 2 RU, Fully Enclosed, ADC punchdown, Excellent build quality.

Audio Accessories 64 point 1/4'' 1 RU Longframe Balanced panel

This panel is a high density 1/4 inch longframe bay with 64 jacks in a Single Rack Unit. In addition, all of the normals are brought out to punch for maximum flexibility.

Blank Patch Panels Audio Accessories 20 position RGB

Audio Accessories RGB Video panels with 20 RGB positions (60 ports) on a 2RU panel.

Blank Patch Panels Audio Accessories 48 position

48 position Audio Accessories 2 RU blank patch panel.
Van £6.10