Automation, Controls & Interfaces

Various AMX, Autopatch, Crestron, Extron devices

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Grass Valley 3241 Proc Amp Control Panel

A remote rack mount panel for controlling the Grass Valley Proc amp, Control panel only. PN 3240 RMT CP.

Fostex 8783 Synchronizer Interface for Otari MX5050-8 track

This interface allows Edit control over Otari Reel decks using the Fostex 4030/4035 Editing system. It has a 34 Pin cable attached that connects to Otari's Locator Port.

Fostex 4035 Synchronizer Controller

For any setup requiring VTR or ATR Chase of another deck, the Fostex system provides solid sync between formats using a number of sources. The 4035 provides Edit control functions over various Fostex devices.

Crestron AXP-CCS Softwire Camera Center

Crestron PTZF dual joystick camera controller, uses a 4 pin mini XLR to connect to your system. This unit is in excellent cosmetic condition, UNTESTED by bts.