Blonder Tongue ACA-35-1000 RF Amplifier

A 35 db, 1 GHZ closet amp for cable distribution systems. In Good condition.
Fabrikant: Blonder Tongue
Beschikbaarheid:: 1 op voorraad

This unit was housed in a small edit suite and used for a local message distribution.  The case has some scratches along the top that occurred during removal.   The unit is in good working condition.

This is a current model selling for $195.

Here are some specs from Blonder Tongue:

The ACA-35-1000 is an economical 1 GHZ indoor broadband distribution amplifier, designed for RF distribution systems, such as apartment complexes, hospitals, schools, prisons, and hotels. The ACA-35- 1000 amplifier has 35 dB of operational gain and has a gain control range of 16 dB. These amplifiers employ pushpull discrete amplifier stages with surface mount technology. The ACA -35-1000 is housed in a compact, aluminum chassis that provides excellent heat dissipation. The amplifier is powered via an internal 117 VAC power supply.


  • -20 db test ports, input and output
  • One-Way Operation 40 to 1000 MHz
  • Discrete Push-Pull Amplifier Stages
  • Built-in Variable Gain Control
  • Surface Mount Technology
  • 7.25 x 6.00 x 1.75 in.
  • 4 lbs.