Canare SDI Video Patch Bay: DVJ-W, DVJ-S Jacks

Canare 48 position video patch panel filled with DVJ-W/DVJ-S Weco Jacks.
Fabrikant: Canare
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This is an 48 point SDI panel loaded with Canare DVJW Normalling jacks and DVJS Straight Through jacks.   There are 12 of each type, making a Panel that suitable for handling both signals that require normalling and those that will always be patched.   These Weco jacks are designed to handle everything from NTSC Composite Video through SDI (HDTV) signals, including RGB and AES DIgital audio.

This panel was in service for about 5 years in small corporate edit suite and saw moderate use.  It is in very good condition.

Both types of jacks are self terminating, so the unused circuit will be connected to a 75Ω load.  

  • DC to 1.5 GHZ Digital Bandwidth
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Large Designation strips
  • 30,000 insertion cycles
  • Ground isolated panels