Film Equipment, Reels & Rewinds

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16 MM film Reels 1200' Aluminum

Goldberg Brothers, Aluminum 1200 foot 16mm film reels. Good condition. Price is per reel.

Arriflex 16mm Magazines

These are 16mm mags for the Arriflex 16M camera.
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Arriflex Blimps for 16mm magazines

These 2 covers fit the Arriflex 1200' Magazine for the Arri 16M.

Bodine NSY-12 Camera Synch Speed Motor

Bodine motor distributed by Camera Equipment Co. Inc. of New York. This motor has a movable right angle output.

Bolex Paillard BX-55 Battery

Bolex BX55 battery pack. Working power supplies, these units may need new cells. Price is for one unit.

Buhl Optical .500" EFL f1.4 Right Angle RP Lens

Buhl 16mm Rear Projection lens, Fast, Super wide. Buhl model 420-410.

Maier-Hancock Corp. Portable Hot Splicer Model 816

Maier-Hancock Corp. Portable Hot Splicer Model 816. In good working condition, fair to good cosmetics.
€46,92 €40,12

Miller Pro Lock Two Tripod.

Miller Pro-lock Two: 3-Stage Aluminum sticks, no spreader, fair condition.
€169,32 €135,32

OConnor Model 55MC and Model 50D Head

O'Connor Model 55MC sticks with a Model 50D Fluid head, spreader & O'Connor case. An earlier model that has seen very little use in VVG condition.
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Roland DM80 L Locking Resolver

These units are in like new condition. They are designed to lock the DM80 with VTRs, Audio tape machines, etc.
Van €80,92

Universal Filter Holder

Universal gelatine filter holder.