Kooltronic KP528A Rack Ventilation Blower

A dual Squirrel Cage 130CFM Packaged Blower in a rack mount configuration. VV good condition.
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This is a 3 RU rack mount blower with an Integral mesh filter, polished crome grill, thumb screws and power cord.  It's rated at 130 CFM.   In good condition, it appears to have had virtually no use.  There are no marks on the rack ears, and the filter looks new. 

It runs strong and quiet, with no vibration or motor noise.   Essentially a NOS unit. 


This from the manufacturer:

These Standard Twin Models are the most popular Kooltronic Packaged Blowers. These blowers achieve exceptional performance through use of the largest possible blower housings and wheels Each contains a quadruplex centrifugal blower powered by a single precision ball bearing motor.

These widely-used blowers deliver air from more than 50% of their 17-inch [431.8mm] width, while conventional blowers deliver air from only about 30%. Internal neoprene isolation mounts reduce transmission of vibration and AC hum to the enclosure.

  • Capacity:130 CFM
  • Attractive 19-inch [482.6mm] stainless steel grilles
  • Dual inlet quadruplex blower design for maximum airflow
  • Exhaust guards included
  • Filter
  • Heavy-gauge steel shells with EIA-notched flanges and baked powder finish
  • Inlet cools motor for longer life
  • Three foot [0.9] (minimum) 3-wire power cord
  • UL/CSA ball-bearing motors