Lamps & Bulbs

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Kodak Ektagraphic III Lamp Module

Spare Lamp Module for your Kodak Ektagraphic 35mm Carousel slide projector. This item fits the E variant, and may fit others. Check your model for compatibility.

Lamp, 150Q/CL/DC halogen light bulb

150Q/CL/DC 120V Single Ended Halogen Lightbulb 120 volt, 150 watt halogen light bulb. It is tubular with a glass diameter of .4 inches, a dual contact bayonet base and an overall length of 2.75 inches.

Lamp, BSK 6V 6W 1.0A bulb

BSK 6 Volt 1.0 Amp 6 Watt lamp light bulb

Lamp, BSS/7210C 6V 6W 1.0A

Bss/7210C 6 Volt 6 Watt 1.0 Amp lamp light bulb

Lamp, BSW 7V, .2A

7 volt, 1.4 Watts BSW lamp Exciter lamp typically used for 16mm projector optical sound tracks.

Lamp, BVE 120V 625 W

BVE 120 Volt 625 Watt BVE projector lamp bulb

Lamp, CAL 120V 300W

CAL 120 Volt 300 Watt projector bulb

Lamp, CAR 120V 150W bulb

CAR 120 Volt 150 Watt replacement lamp light bulb

Lamp, CTT/DAX 125V 1000W

CTT/DAX 125 Volt 1000 Watt projector lamp light bulb

Lamp, CWA 120V 750W

CWA 120 Volt 750 Watt incandescent light bulb

Lamp, CXK 120V 300W

CXK 120 Volt 300W Incandescent Tubular Projection bulb

Lamp, CYX 120V 2000W

CYX 120 Volt 2000 Watt halogen lamp replacement bulb