USA Audio Whirlwind MIX5 Mono mixer

USA Audio Whirlwind MIX5 1 RU Rackmount audio mixer, 5 inputs, 4 microphone inputs & 1 AUX input, Phantom power. Very good condition
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Frequency Response
Line mode ± 3dB, 6Hz to 36kHz
                  -0.4dB @ 20Hz
                  -1dB @ 20kHz
Mic mode ± 3dB, 18Hz to 36kHz
                -2.5dB @ 20Hz
                -1dB @20kHz
Maximum Input Level
Line mode +22 dBm unbalanced
                 +28 dBm balanced
Mic mode -2 dBm unbalanced
                +4 dBm balanced
Input Impedance
Line mode 2k Ohm balanced or unbalanced
Mic mode 600 Ohm balanced
                2k Ohm unbalanced
Maximum Output Level
Balanced +28dBm
Unbalanced +22dBm
Output Impedance XLRs
Line mode 100 Ohms
Mic mode 200 Ohms
Output Impedance TRS
Unbalanced 60 Ohms
Balanced 120 Ohms
Rise Time 8uSec
Stereo Separation >65dBm
C.M.R. (Common Mode Rejection) of Input > 55dBm @ 60Hz
Attenuation Of Llne/Mic Output Switch 20dBm
Isolation Between 1/4” and XLR Outputs >l00dBm
Aux Input Impedance 10k Ohms
Maximum Level Aux Input +22dBm
THD+N (Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise)
Line Mode @ l4dBm of Gain .005%
Line Mode @ Unity Gain .012%