Advocate Noise Reduction Unit-Model 101

Advent's Model 101 Dolby noise reduction unit. A dolby B type encode/decode unit for consumer tape formats.
Fabrikant: Advent
Beschikbaarheid:: Op voorraad

This piece is vintage Advent, designed as an external Dolby B NR system for a variety of tape formats.   This has its origins in the early 1970s and was sold as a noise reduction add-on for Reel to Reel machines and cassette decks.

This unit has been tested and is working, i.e. it cleanly passes audio and has no gross defects.    Please be advised that Dolby B units require calibration to a specific record/playback levels, and will require recalibration when used with more than one machine.

The Advocate is being sold strictly AS IS.   If you have any concerns or questions, please get in touch before you make a purchase.


The Advent Model 101 makes the considerable benefits of the Dolby Audio Noise Reduction System available to anyone who owns a good tape recorder.

By significantly reducing the normal proportion of background noise in a recording at any speed, the Dolby System yields a better overall signal to noise ratio and a quieter background level (virtually non existent noise in many cases) than previously possible.

Noise reduction makes lower tape speeds (3-3/4 and 1-7/8) usable for the first time for high quality music recording.


Channels: 2

Input sensitivity: 30mV

Output level: 580mV

Noise reduction system: dolby

S/N improvement: 10dB (dolby)

Total harmonic distortion: 0.4%

Year: 1971