CATV Combiners, Modulators, RF Gear

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Allen Avionics VFL1P7, Delay Equalized Filter

This Allen Avionics filter has a center Frequency of 1.75MHZ, with 75Ω impedance. Good condition, tested.

SuperNotcher #3271 Channel 8

A multi-pole Channel Elimination filter for Channel 8. Reduces by 50db. Good condition.
Van £35.99

Crestron AXP-CCS Softwire Camera Center

Crestron PTZF dual joystick camera controller, uses a 4 pin mini XLR to connect to your system. This unit is in excellent cosmetic condition, UNTESTED by bts.

Blonder Tongue AP 60-450 Agile PROCESSORS

NOTE: These are NOT Modulators. They are agile processors used to shift RF channel frequency. With a max 60 dbmV through 450MHZ. Good condition.
Van £23.79

Blonder Tongue OC-16c Combiner

5-600 MHz passive output combiner with twelve broadband input ports. It is used in headends to combine up to sixteen modulators and/or processors. Good condition.
£48.19 £26.23

North Hills Electronics Model 1119PA Isolation Transformer

North Hills Electronics 1119PA Noise Isolation Transformer with a DC-25MHz Bandwidth. A high quality video Transformer that is increasingly hard to find.

Blonder Tongue ACA-35-1000 RF Amplifier

A 35 db, 1 GHZ closet amp for cable distribution systems. In Good condition.
£54.29 £42.09

FORA CSF-110 with MV-112s CCTV Modules

FORA model CSF-110 with seven MV-112 PIP Units in a Rackmount Frame with power supply. Willing to part out.
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Crestron CNRFGWA RF receiver, less power supply.

RF receiver that allows Crestron 433MHz 1-way wireless touch panels and handheld remotes to communicate with a control system.
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North Hills Electronics 1120CC, Inc. Noise Isolation Transformer

North Hills Electronics 1120CC Noise Isolation Transformer DC-25MHz. These video Transformers are increasingly hard to find.

North Hills Electronics Model 1116PA Isolation Transformer

North Hills Electronics, Inc. 1116 PA Wideband Isolation Transformer 20Hz-25MHz A high quality video Transformer that is increasingly hard to find.

Link Electronics PRC-970 Proc Amp

Proc Amp with AGC, Chroma, Video & Sync Designed for studio & TV transmitter applications. Includes DSR (Dual Slip Release) designed to monitor sync tip, peak whites & chroma level. Easy to use front panel controls and LEDs to monitor levels.
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