Equalizers, Crossovers & Noise Reduction.

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Peavy CEQ280a for PA or Instrument use.

A computer controlled midi graphic equalizer, balanced I/Os, very good condition.
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BBE Model 411 Sonic maximizer sn H03148

BBE Maxie Model 411 Sonic maximizer, Lo Contour and Process controls, has 1/4" I/Os, 1 RU, VG condition. Instrument Input not working.

BBE Model 411 Sonic maximizer sn H01177

BBE Maxie Model 411 Sonic maximizer, Lo Contour and Process controls, has 1/4" I/Os, 1 RU, VVG condition.

Symetrix 528 Vocal Processor, sn20402

A very early version of the 528, with 3 band parametric, DeEsser, Compressor/Expander. VVG condition.

Advocate Noise Reduction Unit-Model 101

Advent's Model 101 Dolby noise reduction unit. A dolby B type encode/decode unit for consumer tape formats.
$159.00 $119.00

RANE FAT 22 Active Transformer Module

A very rare Rane product that was part of the FLEX series. Very Good condition. Price is for 2 units in a 1 RU Rackmount. Please Note Power supplies are NOT included with these units.
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Biamp MicroEQ 152, Stereo Graphic EQ

Dual 15 Band Graphic with variable Master Gain controls, Peak Meters and More--All in a single Rack space. Great piece for DJ racks and portable systems.

Symetrix SX201 (Pair) Parametric EQ

Pair of Symetrix SX201 units including rack mount kit. Great condition, popular studio 3-band parametric EQ. Balanced/Unbalanced Outputs, Preamp Input 20db Gain, Unbalanced/Balanced Input. Sold as a pair.

Shure M63 Audio Master

A combination Preamp & Equalizer, in the style of the old Pultec filters. A very useful tool to clean up noisy audio tracks and provide additional gain as needed.

AudioArts Engineering Model 4100 Parametric Equalizer

4 Band Parametric EQ with Balanced I/O, Overlapping bands with very flexible Q and Depth controls.

OmniCraft GT-4 Noise Gate

2 Omni Craft GT-4 Noise Gates; single rack unit package with 4 Noise Gates, Threshold & Release controls with Key switch, 1/4 inch connectors. Good condition
$169.00 $99.00

Rocktron Hush II CX Noise Reduction

Rocktron Hush II CX, 2 channel Noise reduction & compander. Good condition, untested, Missing 9VAC supply
$169.00 $119.00

MXR stereo 10 band Equalizer

MXR stereo 10 band Graphic Equalizer, + or - 12dB, standard ISO frequencies. Additional + or - 12dB gain control, 40Hz low cut filter. Fair condition. Missing power button.
$129.00 $89.00

BBE Maxie Model 462 Sonic maximizer

BBE Maxie Model 462 Sonic maximizer, similar to the Aphex Aural Exciter, Lo Contour and Process controls, has paralleled 1/4" and RCA jacks, 1 rack unit, Good condition, Note deep scratch over Channel 1 LED display.
$129.00 $99.00

JBL UREI 7922 Audio Delay unit

JBL UREI 7922 Audio Delay unit. Very good condition. Please read full description.
$379.00 $299.00

DBX 158 Frame, with 410 Noise Reduction Cards

dbx 158 rack frame with 9 dbx 410 Noise reduction cards.
$439.00 $389.00

DBX II Model 142

DBX II Model 142 Broadcast Noise Reduction System, balanced I/O. Stereo, 2 RU, Encode/Decode/Bypass for tape, disc. Cinch Jones I/O connector, Very Good condition.

UREI 535 Dual Graphic Equalizer

UREI 535 Dual Graphic Equalizer, consists of two UREI 533 Graphic Equalizers. Fair condition - some corrosion on external case.
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Klark-Teknik DN360 Equalizer

Klark-Teknik DN360 dual 1/3 octave graphic EQ, balanced I/O, VG condition.sn:DN360/18967
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RSP Reanimator stereo compressor

RSP Reanimator is a Stereo Compressor, DeEsser and Dynamic Enhancer. One in Excellent condition, a second in VG condition.
$229.00 $199.00

DBX 157 Stereo Noise Reduction

DBX 157 stereo encode/decode, works with stereo recorders or dbx encoded discs. dbx is an excellent noise reduction system.
$149.00 $119.00

DBX 150 Type I Noise Reduction. sn U1506032

DBX150 typeI Noise Reduction -10db encoder/decoder, in VG condition. Front panel record and Playback level controls.
$149.00 $129.00

DBX 900 Frame with 903, 904 and 905 modules

dbx 900A series frame with 6 903 limiters, 2 905 EQ modules, 1 904 Noise gate and power supply. Sold as is, please read full description.
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