Grass Valley 8503 Equalizing Video DAs

These cards work in GVG 8500 series frames, and have 1x6 Video outputs and looping inputs. All have been tested and calibrated, and are in working condition. Price is per card.
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These Grass Valley model 8501 Video Distribution amplifiers were pulled from a frame that was installed in a corporate editing facility.  The cards are very clean, and each output has been tested using a color bar generator, with the outputs viewed on a WFM, Vectorscope and Sony PVM monitor.  We checked for jitter, intermittent operation, and variations in gain across the outputs.  Unity gain produces an output with the correct sync, video and chroma levels.

If you are shopping for replacement cards for a GVG card cage, you know what to expect.  GVG has set the standard for professional video for decades, and their commitment to intelligent designs and rugged specifications are matched by few companies today.

All 6 DAs have been retested thouroughly: all 6 outputs pass for Level and EQ adjustments, and hum & noise measurements.  They all are in excellent working condition.

We have other Grass Valley 8500 series equipment, including rack Frames, Power supplies, PS-8500 cards, as well as AUDIO DAs and frames.  Please get in touch for any other Grass Valley equipment.

The manufacturer's Specifications were unavailable at the time of this posting.