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JVC CR850U Umatic Editing Recorders (Pair)

These JVC CR850 machines were working when acquired but have not been recently tested. Sold As IS for Parts. Local pickup, or customer arranged shipping.
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Sony LVR5000 Laser DIsk recording system with Blank Media.

A Two piece Sony Laser disk recorder, LVR5000A Processor and LVR5000A Disk Recorder, both in Excellent condition, A Blank Disk and operating manual are included. For Local pickup. Please call for shipping requests.
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Sony Extender Boards, lot of 7 pcs.

For Servicing Sony D2 and other VTRs; allows extension of boards for easy access for component level troubleshooting. Very good condition. See list, sold as lot only.
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SONY BVV-5 Beta SP Back, sn12855

Beta SP back, tested with Playback adaptor, works perfectly. Approx 450 hours. Sold as is.

UNI-DISC One Inch Video Hub Adaptor

A solid, machined Aluminum Hub Adaptor for Sony and other One inch Video machines. From the old Unitel Video Company in NYC.

Portabrace C-BVV5 Camera Case

A Blue case for Sony Camera and BVV5 back, Good condition.

Sony Brush Assembly, NOS

A boxed Brush contact assembly for Sony VO5850 & BVU-800 VTRs. pn A-6709-360-A.

Sony Tension Assembly for DVW-A500P, NOS

A boxed Tension Assembly complete with PCB, pn A-8267-423-C, for Digi-Beta DVW-A500P. See notes for applications and condition.

Sony DVW-A500 Capstan Motor Assembly,

A boxed Capstan Motor complete with PCB, pn A-8325-389-A, for Digi-Beta DVW-A500. See notes for applications and condition.

Sony D2 DDR-26R Head Assembly, NOS?

A boxed upper Head assembly, pn A-6052-138-B. See notes for applications and condition.

Sony Drawer Assembly for DVW-500, pn A-8274-876-F

A boxed, DVW500 tape drawer mechanism.

Sony Gear Box Assembly, pn A-8323-825-A, NOS

A boxed, NOS Motor & Gear Box Assembly, for a Sony DVW-A500 machine. SOLD OUT. PART# A-8323-825-A