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Sony LVR3000N

Sony Laser disk recorder, VVG condition with original packing, operating manual included.
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SONY BVV-5 Beta SP Back, sn12855

Beta SP back, tested with Playback adaptor, works perfectly. Approx 450 hours. Sold as is.

UNI-DISC One Inch Video Hub Adaptor

A solid, machined Aluminum Hub Adaptor for Sony and other One inch Video machines. From the old Unitel Video Company in NYC.

Portabrace C-BVV5 Camera Case

A Blue case for Sony Camera and BVV5 back, Good condition.

Sony Brush Assembly, NOS

A boxed Brush contact assembly for Sony VO5850 & BVU-800 VTRs. pn A-6709-360-A.

Sony Tension Assembly for DVW-A500P, NOS

A boxed Tension Assembly complete with PCB, pn A-8267-423-C, for Digi-Beta DVW-A500P. See notes for applications and condition.

Sony DVW-A500 Capstan Motor Assembly,

A boxed Capstan Motor complete with PCB, pn A-8325-389-A, for Digi-Beta DVW-A500. See notes for applications and condition.

Sony D2 DDR-26R Head Assembly, NOS?

A boxed upper Head assembly, pn A-6052-138-B. See notes for applications and condition.

Sony Drawer Assembly for DVW-500, pn A-8274-876-F

A boxed, DVW500 tape drawer mechanism.

Sony Gear Box Assembly, pn A-8323-825-A, NOS

A boxed, NOS Motor & Gear Box Assembly, for a Sony DVW-A500 machine. PART# A-8323-825-A

Sony DVW-A500P Elevator mechanism, NOS

A boxed NOS 'Sony Cassette Svc' part for DVW-500 machine. PART# A-8267-589-G

Y/C Plus TBC Remote control: YCP-PTBC

The Y/C Plus YCP-PTBC is wired TBC Remote controller for a variety of Panasonic Device. VERY Clean piece.